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Wagari Kelbessa (Msc in Health Informatics)

Dean, College of Health Science

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Dean's Message

College of Health Science is aimed to develop students as exemplary contributors to the health care field and the world around them. Our college is driven to effect positive change in health science education while simultaneously benefiting local communities. Our College challenges the best and brightest minds to learn the science and art of medicine, pharmacy, Nursing, midwifery and much more through innovation, engagement, and holistic educational experiences.

The advanced instructional methods utilized in our programs helps our students to gain the knowledge and skills required for success in their chosen fields. The CHS is committed to providing health care educational opportunities in formats that meet the needs of our students including face-to-face as well as innovative distance and hybrid methods. By combining the most contemporary teaching modalities with state-of-the-art technology, our students are assured of receiving a comprehensive educational experience. As the college moves forward, and ventures into new markets across the country, quality of delivery, outcomes, and the ability to quickly change with advances in technology will be the formula for success. If you are considering a program in the health care field, I invite you to take advantage of the resources and opportunities that the College of Health Sciences has to offer.

We are currently home to three professional Departments: public Health, Nursing and Midwifery. CHS is dedicated to addressing health and human services needs of individuals, families and communities within our state and beyond and collectively, we are committed to improve health outcomes, elevate the quality of life, enhance social welfare and eliminate health and human services disparities, particularly among underserved communities and vulnerable populations.

We are focusing on investing the necessary resources to build an outstanding college that will be recognized for high quality teaching, research, and service. We are committed to the development and application of knowledge regarding health, wellness, human needs, and the quality of human life to prepare the highest quality professional who possess a unique understanding of how to synthesize knowledge and utilize the power of professionals working in interprofessional teams to address real community problems.

Our vision is to empower individuals, families, and communities to effectively address health issues and social and economic justice, eliminate health disparities, and improve health and quality of life. To achieve this vision, the CHS is committed to an interprofessional collaborative approach, development of academically distinct programs of study, dissemination of outstanding applied research that advances both the science and practice of health and human services, and the establishment of effective partnerships, collaborations with partners and outreach and service activities that help build healthier communities and the health and human services workforce.

We continually develop transformative educational experiences with collaborators around the nation to ensure our students possess the requisite knowledge and skills to succeed anywhere.

Dean, College of Health Sciences
Email: wagarikelbessa@asu.edu.et

Wagari Kelbessa (Msc in Health Informatics)