000 Ethics & Anti-Corruption Office.

አሶሳ ዩኒቨርሲቲ  ከአስር የክልል ሴክተር  መስሪያቤቶች  ጋር  የጋራ የመግባቢያ ሰነድ  ተፈራረመ

ዩኒቨርሲቲው ሰኔ 15/2ዐዐ9 ዓ/ም ከክልሉ ሴክተር መስሪያቤቶች ጋር በጋራ ለመስራት እንዲችል የውል ስምምነት / Memorandum of understanding/ ተፈራርሟል፡፡


በበጀት ዓመቱ ጥሩ የስራ አፈፃፀም ስመዘገቡ ሰራተኞች እውቅና ተሰጠ

የአሶሳ ዩኒቨርሲቲ በ22/11/ዐ9 ዓ.ም በ2ዐዐ9 የበጀት ዓመት ጥሩ የስራ አፈፃፀም ላስመዘገቡ የአስተዳደር ሰራተኞች ፣ መምህራን ፣ የት/ት ክፍል ሀላፊዎች ፣ አስተባባሪዎች ፣ ቡድን መሪዎች እና መካከለኛ አመራሮች የምስክር ወረቀትና የገንዘብ ሽልማት አበረከተ፡፡


የአሶሳ ዩኒቨርሲቲ በክልሉ ለሚገኙ የሁለተኛ ደረጃ ት/ቤት ተማሪዎች የማጠናከሪያ ት/ት በመስጠት ላይይገኛል፡፡

ዩኒቨርሲቲው በሀምሌ ወር 2ዐዐ8 ዓ.ም በሶስቱም ዞኖች ለተውጣጡ በክልሉ የሚገኙ ተማሪዎችን ከክልል ት/ት ቢሮ ጋር በመሆን ምልመላውን ካደረገ በ|ላ ትምህርቱን በመስጠት ነበር ይህን የክረምት የመጠናከሪያ ፕሮግራም የጀመረው፡፡


FH ኢትዮጵያ ከአሶሳ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ጋር በጋራ ለመስራት ፍላጎት እንዳለዉገለፀ

ሀምሌ 29/2ዐዐ9 ዓ.ም የዩኒቨርሲቲው ከፍተኛ አመራሮች፤የግብርናና የተፈጥሮ ሃብት ኮሌጅ መምህራን፣ የአልሙናይ ኢንዱስትሪ ትስስር እና የፋርም ዳይሬክቶሬቶች እና ባለሙያዎች በተገኙበት በባምባሲ ወረዳ ባሉ ሁለት ቀበሌዎች ላይ FH ኢትዮጵያ በሰጣቸዉ ስልጠና መሰረት የቁጥብ እርሻ ልማትን ተገባራዊ ያደረጉ አርሶ አደሮች ማሳ ጉብኝት አድርጓል፡፡ 


The Universiyty Provides Deliverology Training for all Level Leaders
The Universiyty provided one day training for the presidents, College Deans , directors ,coordinators and department heads on August 15/2009 E.C. The objective of the training was to introduce the new concept of deliverology, higher education targets on deliverology as well as what is planning in deliverology and how it implements.

Assosa University’s Bamboo seedling plantation

The month of August is the commemorating month of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi death in the country level.

Ethics and Anti-Corruption


Assosa University Ethics and Anti-corruption Office  is established based on Proclamation No 144/2008 of the Council of Ministers of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia with overall duty of coordinating ethical issues and advising the president on such matters.


In cooperation with relevant bodies, to ensure transparency and accountability in AsU operations by promoting anti-corruption education, preventing corruption and impropriety, and report corruption offences to the President and Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.


  • Raise the awareness of officers and staffs of AsU on anti corruption policies, anti-corruption laws, regulations and directives, good conduct and harmful effects of corruption;
  • Follow up the observance of anti-corruption policies, anti-corruption laws and rules and procedures of AsU; and advise the president on their implementation;
  • In cooperation with the appropriate departments prepare and cause the adoption of code of conduct of officers and employees of the university and follow-up its implementation;
  • Initiate and submit research proposals to the Commission and make the president know the same immediately, conduct research on ways of correcting working methods vulnerable to corruption and impropriety on its own or with the cooperation of others and submit recommendations to the president and upon approval, follow-up its implementation;
  • In cooperation with the appropriate departments advise the president on ways of improving the governance and service delivery of the university with a view to making them responsive to the demands of the public; see to it that there is no partiality in service deliveries, and report to the president on any findings of such partiality;
  • Record and report to the Commission and make the president know the same immediately, any incident of corruption it has observed or brought to its attention through whistle blowing, and follow up the status of the case;
  • Advise the president on ways of promoting ethics, strengthening sense of duty and the protection of employees from reprisal measures so as to encourage disclosure of corruption, and follow-up the implementation of same;
  • Receive and verify reports on ethical violations in accordance with the rules and directives of the university and submit to the president for recommendations on further investigation and measures to be taken, and follow-up the implementation of same;
  • Where it believes that the ethical violation is serious or it is found to be serious after investigation, report to the Commission immediately and make the president know the same;
  • Where it believes that rules and procedures are violated with respect to recruitment, promotion, transfer or training of employees, procurement of goods or services or the execution of other contracts, it shall report to the president with its recommendation on the rectification of the irregularities, and follow up the implementation of same;
  • Oversee that no influence is made on employee who exposed corruption and ethics infractions; report to the president with concrete evidence the act of a person who influence or punish or attempt influence or punish such employee, and follow up measures taken against him, where the influence is from the president, it shall report to the Commission the relevant organ of investigation;
  • Follow up measures taken based on its finding or that of external or internal auditors as well as the reports of disciplinary and grievance committees and decisions based thereon, and report the same to the president with copies to the Commission;
  • Maintain list and detail information of the university and its employees who may be regarded as vanguard and exemplary; combating corruption and impropriety, make the president know about the circumstance and submit the same to the Commission when requested;
  • Coordinate activities regarding the promotion of ethics and combating corruption and impropriety in the university;
  • Prepare and submit to the president and the Commission, annual plan program budget for its activities, and implement the same upon approval;
  • Prepare and submit to the president, with copy to the Commission, quarterly and 'annual performance reports including problems encountered and measures taken to overcome them.

    Procedure for Getting Services.

Whistle blowers can present their whistle blows with written text, post, e-mail, fax, telephone or orally by physical presentation in our office. Additionally they present their whistle blows and complains in suggestion boxes arranged for this purposes

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